Want to know the real secret to growing a
thriving business, getting bigger opportunities, landing a dream book deal, being invited to speak at industry events, attracting sponsors, establishing yourself as a leading expert, and building an email list of raving fans?


It all starts with getting your message in the media.

We’ll show you how.




A comprehensive 5-part program for landing TV, radio, podcast, print, and online media appearances that can change everything for your business – without dropping thousands on media agencies or publicists.

Media coverage changes everything.

And with our help you can get your “big break,”
on your own terms.

Introducing your media guides


Natalie MacNeil

Emmy Award-winning media producer, founder of She Takes on the World and The Conquer Club, and author of The Conquer Kit.

as seen in…

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Gwen Elliot

Media strategist, and producer of The Naked Entrepreneur TV which aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada.



Stop the presses!
I’m so ready for media coverage.

Did you know?

Potential customers are up to 85% more likely to buy from you after seeing you or your product featured in a video?

Now, imagine that video of you is on a platform with millions of visitors – like Forbes, CNN, or even Oprah?

Oh yeah – that’s what we’re talking about.

It’s possible, and it can happen for you sooner than you think.

Inside The Media Method we’ll show you how to make it happen, with the exact pitches we + our colleagues used to get featured on the above media outlets and more.


But first, let’s get one thing out of the way:

media coverage is not just for “celebrity” entrepreneurs.

Yes, it can feel like the “glamorous” side of running a business – the lights! The cameras! The hair and makeup! – but harnessing the power of media is actually one of the fastest, most powerful tools to help you “go pro” and get to the next level.

The only secret is, you can’t wait for media attention to “happen” to you.

You have to step up right now and take the reigns.

If you know you need to:
  • Land that book deal. Sell that signature program. Nab yourself a keynote at that dream conference you’ve been eyeing for years.
  • Step out of obscurity and into the spotlight, in front of a huge media audience – with total confidence and pro-level finesse.
  • Learn the skills you need to craft the perfect pitch, rock interviews, create sales funnels to make the most of every placement, and more.
  • Build an epic list of “As seen in…” media logos on your website.
We’ve got:
  • A combined 20+ years of experience pitching, appearing on, and creating media, as an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur and a TV producer.
  • A full 5 module course, packed to the brim with all our best strategies, tricks, templates, and mindset trainings.
  • Everything you need to make things happen, and build the media momentum you need to make it to the top of your industry.

Whether you’re a total beginner, have been featured a few times already, or you’re a media veteran who wants to hit the big time –

The Media Method is made for you.

You can rock the program out in chronological order, or just dive into the sections that feel like a fit for you, and we’ll teach you all the skills you need to land some seriously game-changing coverage.

But hang on. Who are we to be teaching you this, anyway?

You may already know Natalie as an Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur, author of The Conquer Kit, and the founder of She Takes on the World, featured on the Forbes list of the “Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs.” Elle Magazine calls her “the ultimate self-starting businesswoman.” She has been featured in Glamour, TIME, People StyleWatch, Inc., Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, and more. These were opportunities she also largely created on her own.

Gwen Elliot is a media strategist and producer for The Naked Entrepreneur TV, which airs on Canada’s Oprah Winfrey Network. To date, she’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs break into media, through her “Your Big Break” podcast, and her Media Magnet coaching programs. She’s helped entrepreneurs get featured in Forbes, Virgin, The Huffington Post, Seventeen and MarketWatch, as well as on national TV shows and local cable shows. She herself has been spotlighted in Forbes as a Fierce Female Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan, and FLARE to name a few outlets!

How did we make it all happen? It wasn’t rocket science. Just trial and error.

That’s what we’re here to prove to you.

We want to help you cut through the noise and “newbie” time and money-wasters, and start racking up the kind of press attention that will grow your platform to incredible new heights.

You’ll learn how to pitch yourself, get featured, rock interviews, and leverage every appearance into something bigger for your business.

The Media Method Curriculum

In each module you’ll get a deep dive training video and audio, a value-packed workbook, exercises and swipe files, and our comprehensive module checklists to keep you on track throughout The Media Method. Now let’s look at everything you’ll find inside the program, shall we?

Module 1

Your Mission in the Media
  • In the module training video and workbook, you’ll learn must-know basic media guidelines, the secrets to owning your credibility and preparing angles, and how to overcome challenges like changing the direction of your business or experiencing rejection.
  • We’ll hook you up with strategies to build your confidence, stay motivated when you’re reaching out to media, and you’ll get Natalie’s audio pep talk to listen to when reaching out.
  • You’ll also get worksheets and swipe files for narrowing your niche as it relates to the media, creating your credibility list, and surveying prospects to clarify potential media angles.

Module 2

Preparing your Presence
  • In this module training video and workbook, we’ll dive into how to share your story, our best social media practices for connecting to mainstream media opportunities, and using Twitter and LinkedIn to get found by reporters.
  • We’ll talk about what a media kit is, and exactly what to include in a media kit on your website.
  • You’ll also get our Bigger Picture Perspective Questionnaire and exercise for writing your media kit story.

Module 3

The Perfect Pitch
  • The groundwork you laid in modules one and two have prepared you for crafting your perfect pitch, which we’ll do together in this module’s video training and workbook.
  • You’ll be guided through writing your pitch every step of the way with our 10 step checklist, fill-in-the-blanks Pitch Generator, and swipe files that include the winning pitches Natalie’s publicist at Penguin Random House crafted for her book launch.
  • Once you feel confident in your pitch, we’ll help you get clear on who you should pitch to and when. You’ll get the full “which to pitch” run-through of the the key players in mainstream media.
  • Once you know who to pitch, you need to ensure your pitch will be read. We’ve got your back with our swipe file, “50 Subject Lines That Will Get You Noticed.”

Module 4

Ace Any Interview
  • Once you nab that interview or appearance, how do you prep yourself to totally wow the audience? In the module four training video and workbook, we’ve got the goods to help you make it happen. We’ll also cover stage fright, self doubt, and all the fears that come up when you’re making your media debut.
  • We’ll prep you for your interview and take you through our “on air” checklist that you can go over before any appearance to make sure you nail it like a pro, every time.
  • You’ll also get a worksheet to distill your story into soundbites, and our swipe file for a post-interview follow-up email to cement the relationship with the media outlet and be considered for future opportunities.

Module 5

Leveraging Media to Build Your Empire
  • A feature is a terrible thing to waste! By this point in the program, we’ve talked a ton about leveraging your interview for more sales and to build relationships with potential clients – and in our final training video and module workbook, we’ll show you exactly how to do it.
  • You’ll get our exercise for creating the perfect giveaway to go along with your media appearance, plus give you a swipe file for reengaging with past clients around the time of your media appearance.
  • Learn to leverage media for sales, book deals, sponsorship, and the opportunities you crave with our 15 steps you can take after any media feature or appearance for maximum leverage.

And to truly make this the most comprehensive media program out there, we’ve developed three incredible bonuses to make sure you have everything you need to share your message with the masses.


Bonus #1

Media Toolkit

We’ve got you covered with all the tools we use when it comes to pitching, leveraging your appearances, following up, and more. It also includes our fill-in-the-blanks Pitch Generator, which we know you’re going to love.


Bonus #2

Pitches That Got the “Yes”

Wish you could see pitches that led to features in O Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Fast Company, The New York Times, Forbes, and even The Oprah Winfrey Show? Well, that’s exactly what we’re giving you. You’re going to get 18 pitches that got a “yes” from the above media outlets, and more. Our peers have kindly given us their pitches that got them featured so that we can share them with you. This bonus is PRICELESS.


Bonus #3

Media Swipe File Collection

Our collection of swipe files will allow you to cut and paste emails and templates, making it easy for you to start getting your message in the media. We’ve done the work for you so you can get in the fast lane to the media appearances and features you deserve.

The best part?

You get instant access to everything:

The game-changing strategies.
The training and tools.
The workbooks so you can take action.
The bonus pitches and swipe files.
(And more!)

The entire Media Method program is just $699.

A 3-part payment plan is available at checkout. Have questions? Our customer support team can be reached at themediamethod@shetakesontheworld.com.

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A PR firm or publicist can put you out $10,000 with no guaranteed results.

But The Media Method will empower you with every piece of the puzzle you’ll
need to create your “big break” on your own terms – again and again.

“The Media Method is the tool I used to push me out of my comfort zone; it helped me to prepare to pitch and position myself for visibility opportunities. In the past year alone, I’ve been asked to be on over 25 podcasts, got a chance to write for a magazine whose readership is my target market, and connected with other influencers. I know that with focus, I can attain more media opportunities for my business.”

Reina Pomeroy, Life + Biz Success Coaching

But wait. Why exactly is media coverage so critical, and what will it do for me?

Why should you be stepping up to put yourself out there and pitch the media?

Because media attention is simply the most powerful way to promote your business, and build up your “4 Cs and a B”:

  • Credibility
  • Community
  • Customer base
  • Confidence
  • And of course, the elusive “buzz”

Bottom Line:

themediamethod_icon_hand-leftthemediamethod_icon_hand-rightmedia attention can absolutely
change everything for you.

It’s also one of the most lasting forms of marketing out there. Once you’ve been featured in Forbes­ that experience will be with you (and your business) for life.

If you want to become a thought leader in your industry, if you want to reach people around the world through the platforms they trust, if you want the credibility and visibility that will open doors for you – media is the tool you need to put to work.

Attracting big-time media coverage isn’t just a “pipe dream” for those pretty people on your Facebook feed, either. There are proven strategies you can put into play today to start getting seen, landing amazing features and appearances, and making your mark on the mainstream national and international media.

Still not convinced?

We get it. Putting yourself out there can feel so intimidating, especially if you’re not sure you need it.
(Spoiler alert: you absolutely do.)

So let’s dispel a few common media myths, shall we?

“Media won’t pay attention to me if I’m not an influencer already.”

False! While it may feel like your favorite celeb coaches and authors and business owners just have that “it factor” I can almost promise you, the media didn’t find them by accident. They put themselves out there, got themselves noticed – and the rest is history. That’s exactly how we did it, and how almost every single one of your digital heroes did it too. No one was pounding on our door when we were business owners just starting out.

“I need to hire a PR firm or a publicist to get noticed.”

*Buzzer sound* This could not be further from the truth! PR firms and agencies are great, but they can also cost thousands of dollars… without guaranteeing results. Natalie’s worked with PR firms with big price tags and massive credentials, but still gets more media exposure when she does it on her own.

It took many years, and a lot of trial and error, but now we have mastered the systems – and will teach them all to you in this five module program.

“I should only pitch myself when I have a huge list, or a book or two out.”

Nope! Getting media coverage for your business and message isn’t only doable – it’s the #1 way to get your message out there, establish yourself as an expert, and take your business and brand to the next level of profit and popularity.

Imagine a huge audience ready for that first book or signature program you’ve been daydreaming about.

Imagine people recognizing you and your work, and wanting to know how they can work with you.

See? You can, and should, start today. And The Media Method hooks you up with everything you need to do just that.

“If I don’t have any media training, I shouldn’t do TV or radio.”

Not necessarily, but it always helps to be prepared. That’s why we’re here to equip you with the training you need, on top of technical tools and media strategies. The Media Method is designed to prepare you with the clarity and confidence you need to nail every interview or feature, every time – whether you have a speck of experience right now or not.

“I don’t need help/a course like this if I’ve already gotten media placement.”

First of all: congratulations!
But we have to let you know, this course is made for you too.

If you’re new, we want to help you break ground.
If you’ve gotten a few placements, we want to help you get more and bigger mainstream placement.

If you’re a “media regular,” we want to push you into even higher tiers of media visibility, and help you leverage the exposure so you can turn viewers or readers into raving fans and paying customers.

Know you’re ready?
Let’s get you booked.

Even if you feel ready, pitching yourself can be intimidating.

(Or else everyone would be doing it, right?)

Maybe you…

  • Aren’t super secure about your expertise level right now
  • Get stage fright, or feel nervous when all eyes are on you
  • Worry you won’t be good enough or smart enough to make the cut
  • Don’t know if you can deal with rejection
  • Are missing the funnels that will help you capitalize on the media attention you do get

If that sounds familiar, don’t worry: If you need a little training, a little clarity,
and a big boost of confidence that comes with preparation…

We’ve got your back.

The best part is, The Media Method is created to grow with you and you’ll get lifetime access to all future updates of the program.

We teach you everything, from building your confidence and getting your first media features, all the way to leveraging every appearance profitably, and landing your dream show.

If you’re a beginner, we’ll show you how to pitch, get total clarity around which media outlets are right for you, and help clear any fear blocks that might stunt your progress.

Heads up, media veterans: this introductory module is great for you, too. The media landscape is constantly changing, and it’s crucial you know all the latest cutting-edge approaches that can make all the difference.

If you’re already a media pro with a few features in smaller publications or shows, and feel ready for mainstream visibility to take it to the next level, we’ll show you how to prepare for your site growth, and get yourself into the perfect position for a breakthrough.

If you’re a media mogul, (a media regular, who wants to breakthrough to the next tier), we’ll show you exactly how to reverse engineer what it takes to be on your dream show, write a pitch that gets the YES, find the right contacts, and also recognize your upper limit and how to break through.

So now the ball is in your court, and you have a choice to make:

are you ready to meet the MEDIA?

Are you ready to make the world of media work for you and your business?

Whether you realize it now or not – you are ready.

You’ve already laid the groundwork.

You know you’ve got a message to share.

Let us guide you to get that message to the masses.
Now is your moment.


Let’s make it happen.

Join us by clicking the “I’m in!” button below, and we’ll teach you everything we know about playing the media game, so you can start making the moves that can change everything for you and your business.

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